The scaffolding systems can be adapted for the needs of any structure – plastering, painting, bricklaying etc.  The time and cost of setting up the scaffolding is reduced by up to 50%. Thus the initial expenditure is quickly offset and makes purchasing the system more feasible than renting.

To complement the basic tower ( frames, safety rails and working platforms) additional rails, ladders, wall back stays, castors with safety locks for moveable towers and a variety of specialised couplers are readily available.

Available options:

Metal  Scaffolding

All the products are exclusively of metal manufactured from top quality steel according to EU standards  CEN-HD 1000/88, CEN-HD 1089, ELOT 1165-1196.  Tubes Ø48,3/3,2mm.  All products are dip coated.

Working platforms are made of slip resistant metal or wood.  Wooden platforms come with or without a hatch.

Galvanised Scaffolding

Protects the metal and resists corrosion. Enduring and rust resistant for outdoor applications.  Slip resistant galvanised working platforms.  Affordable prices.

Ringer aluminium and dip coated scaffolding

Accredited and conforming to EN 12810 standards

  • only 3 main parts
  • working platforms available in wood or aluminium
  • scaffolding can be assembled and disassembled in each separate field
  • round scaffolding and corners are easy to make
  • safe under wind load, protection system against  falling of platforms
  • Steel parts are dip coated (tubes are protected against the rust even inside)
Shoring Systems

Heavy duty steel tube support towers have a unique load bearing capacity with increased strength and durability to meet the highest standards and specifications.


Made exclusively of metal manufactured from top quality steel. A highly flexible system, dramatically reducing construction time and labour costs. Ideally suited for fair face finishes.