Shoring Systems

We are pleased to offer the following products

Pafili Shoring Systems:

All products are dip coated and tempered in a 200º furnace.

Support Scaffolding

Manufactured from heavy duty steel tubes (Ø48.8, 4mm thick, QSTE 460 TM SEW 092, using ISO 9002 certified raw material) the towers have a unique load-bearing capacity to successfully meet the highest of standards in any construction project.

MP-110 Metal Beams

The metal primary and secondary beams are also manufactured from top quality steel QSTE 460 TM SEW 092, using ISO 9002 certified raw material.  Twice as strong as wooden load carriers they can be used in all shoring and cross-sections. Available in lengths 1.70, 2.20, 2.00m.

Wooden Beams

PAFILI G20 wooden beams  are simple to use, have a high dimensional stability and are designed for a long operating life.   Manufactured from selected high- quality coniferous wood, the solid web girders are stable in dimension and shape for precise fitting, light in weight, but with a high load-bearing capacity. They are high in strength and highly weather resistant.  Available lengths: 1.80, 2.50,  3.30, 3.90m with joint to joint extension where necessary.  U-Certified according to EN 13377.


Made exclusively of metal manufactured from top quality steel. A highly flexible system, dramatically reducing construction time and labour costs. Ideally suited for fair face finishes.


Facade scaffolding adaptable for the needs of any structure. Manufactured of high quality steel, dip coated or galvanised for protection against rust deterioration. Easily and quickly assembled with minimum labour.