Metal Formwork

Instead of the usual metallic frame and wooden formwork panel which needs periodic replacement, Pafili Formwork is made exclusively of metal manufactured from top quality steel QSTE 460 TM SEW 092, using ISO 9002 certified raw material. All products are tempered in a 200ºC furnace.  Ideally suited for surfaces requiring a fair face finish.

Advantages of implementing the Pafili Formwork system:
  • No more recurring expenses for construction timber (planks, plywood, spruce beams), nails, clamps and column clamps.
  • Construction costs are reduced by 70%
  • Number of skilled workers required is reduced by 70%
  • Project implementation time is reduced by up to 50%
  • Maintenance is simple and ensures a much longer lifetime.
  • Deterioration due to use is markedly less.
  • Easily adapted to form the shuttering required for any surface regardless of its shape and size.

For maximum flexibility the steel panels come in sizes ranging from 10 x 10 to 50 x 80cm and the joints from 10 x 50 to 10 x 250 cm.

Additional products according to requirements:

Joints of fluctuating width, double joints for corner connections, connectors for MP-110 and side supporting systems, water stops, speed bolts, angle connectors and fasteners, magnetic beveled edges.

The system lends itself equally well for foundation work, supports (square, rectangular, circular), walls, supporting walls, elevator shafts, slab work, reservoirs, swimming pools of all shapes and sizes.

Shoring Systems

Heavy duty steel tube support towers have a unique load bearing capacity with increased strength and durability to meet the highest standards and specifications.


Facade scaffolding adaptable for the needs of any structure. Manufactured of high quality steel, dip coated or galvanised for protection against rust deterioration. Easily and quickly assembled with minimum labour.